Utah Businessman, Brent Warnock, Fills a Need

As you are thinking about holiday presents for your favorite businessperson or high-school or college student considering business as a field of study, pick up a copy of the latest book by Brent Warnock, “Fill a Need.” Brent is a local Utah businessman, speaker and writer who has started, run and successfully sold multiple businesses … Continue reading

“Nothing But Soap” rocks my (dirty) socks

One of my high school boyfriends called me his “Calamine Lotion Girl,” a nickname I earned by breaking out in a nasty rash after our first camping trip — and staying that way the entire summer until a doctor took the drastic measure of knocking out my immune system. I break out in weepy, oozy … Continue reading

Farm Fresh, Local Food in the City: Broadway Pharmacy Market

On the outside, Broadway Pharmacy Market looks like any downtown pharmacy and convenience store. But step inside, and it transforms into a mini farmers market, packed with local Utah goodies galore–everything from Canyon Meadows Ranch grass-fed beef to Slide Ridge honey. Broadway Market even sells farm-fresh eggs straight from Clifford Farm in Provo–Provo! Trust me, … Continue reading

The Beehive Goes Raw: Raw Melissa’s Delicious Delights

Every time I visit the new Whole Foods Market Trolley Square, I discover another delicious local Utah product. Lucky for the local economy, I am helpless to resist. This Friday, I practically squealed when I peered into a freezer case and discovered a whole section devoted to raw, vegan treats, every single one created right here … Continue reading

Sunflower Farmers Market Opens in Downtown SLC

Fresh off the buzz from the Whole Foods Market Trolley Square unveiling, downtown Salt Lake City residents enjoyed another major grocery store grand opening this morning. According to the Sunflower Market Facebook page, 400 people lined up to check out the store early this morning. I lined up to check out the crowd and events, … Continue reading

Whole Foods Market Trolley Square: an SLC foodie’s dream!

Salt Lake City foodies, if you were not among the crowd at the bread-breaking ceremony for Whole Foods Market Trolley Square, do not wait another second to visit: This is your dream store! I was lucky enough to stroll over this morning just before 9:00 AM. I joined a crowd of excited customers, and we … Continue reading

Beehive vs. the FDA?

Maybe it’s the pioneer spirit of the Rocky Mountain West. Or maybe it’s the geography out here in Utah: surrounded by mountains, isolated from the rest of the United States, buffered, protected. Or maybe it’s the spirit of the Mormons who settled this land, searching for freedom, desiring only to be left alone to live and … Continue reading

Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative spreads to other states

When Utah created the “Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative” (USTAR) in 2006, it took a spectacularly innovative step toward securing the state’s future as an economic powerhouse. USTAR provides funding to attract sought-after researchers in science and technology to the University of Utah and Utah State University. More than that, USTAR connects those researchers … Continue reading

Utah recycles Cash for Clunkers cars

Ever wonder what happened to all those “Cash for Clunkers” cars? Some of those clunkers are getting a second lease on life, as recycled steel for a new pipeline for Murdock Canal in Utah County. Transforming Murdock Canal into a pipeline comes with another green benefit, according to KSL: water conservation. This green double whammy … Continue reading