HB477 reaction: outrage on Twitter and Facebook; GRAMA request by media

Despite citizen rallies and polls showing the vast majority of Utahans oppose HB477, Governor Herbert signed the bill into law last night. Utahans have taken to Twitter and Facebook to express their outrage and strategize where to go from here. (Full disclosure: I am one of those expressing outrage on my personal accounts. In the … Continue reading

rally at the capitol: Utahans speak out against HB477

I am just home from the rally at the Utah capitol, where protestors spoke their mind about HB477, the controversial bill that strips access to public records in Utah. The senate recalled the bill yesterday, but protestors at the rally vowed to keep the pressure on state legislators and Governor Herbert to “kill the bill.” … Continue reading

sealing bees out of the inner workings of the hive: HB477 strips public access to public records, including lawmaker text messages

HB477–a fast-track bill that restricts access to public records–appears poised to become law, with all signs that Governor Herbert will sign it, according to the Deseret News. But does this bill prevent media “fishing expeditions”–as Senate President Michael Waddoups has stated–or does it deal a deadly blow to democracy in the Beehive State? Many Utahans–we at … Continue reading

DeChristopher verdict is in, but were his bids “criminal” or heroic civil disobedience? Does it matter?

On Thursday, a Salt Lake City jury found Tim DeChristopher guilty of  placing false bids in a federal oil and gas lease auction as a protest to call attention to climate change. The verdict could send the 29-year-old to prison for up to 10 years. It is the kind of case that makes Americans squeamish because … Continue reading