thrive in the beehive (and help the beehive thrive, too): join a CSA

With gas prices skyrocketing, steeper Utah food taxes looming and the economy sputtering, it is tempting to think about every grocery purchase purely in terms of its hit to your bank account. Local, pastured eggs might sound wonderful with their richly nutritious, blazing-orange yolks, but if they cost a few bucks more than national brands, … Continue reading

Utah recycles Cash for Clunkers cars

Ever wonder what happened to all those “Cash for Clunkers” cars? Some of those clunkers are getting a second lease on life, as recycled steel for a new pipeline for Murdock Canal in Utah County. Transforming Murdock Canal into a pipeline comes with another green benefit, according to KSL: water conservation. This green double whammy … Continue reading