“Restorative Justice” Is Potentially Destructive, Too

"Restorative Justice" Is Potentially Destructive, Too. Advertisements

ATAC L1 Tac Light from 5.11 reviewed

Here’s a first go with my 5.11 tactical flashlight, the ATAC L1 light. So far I love the light, especially the simplicity of moving through the light output modes with a SIMPLE click of the button. No morse code required to change the light to low light or strobe settings.

Holiday Giving

It’s time to get into the holiday spirit of giving. Strategic Tactical Group is gunning to fill their M35A2 Deuce and a half Military truck with food donations for the Utah Food Bank. Drop off locations include Ron Hill Imagery 2994 South Richards St. (50 West) Salt Lake Impact Guns!!! 2710 south 1900 west Ogden, … Continue reading

California knee!

This weekend I spent three days with Chris Wilden and the Strategic Tactical Group shooting rifle, pistol and shotgun. The course built on previous training in tactical rifle, handgun and shotgun. Dubbed the “Zombie Apocalypse,” this course covered a range of skills, including “bugging out” and “bugging in” in case of major disaster. I’ll post … Continue reading

A Primer on Policing

Recently I’ve been involved in a number of discussions on Facebook with artist friends who have a general bias against social norms. Their perception is that anyone (they) should be able to invade any space at any time and do any thing – whatever they want whenever they want wherever they want. “Hey, man. It’s … Continue reading

Winchester Marksmanship Qualification Program

One of the best ways to get involved in the shooting sports in Utah is to develop your skill through marksmanship qualification and through competition. The Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification program is a great way to get started. With fourteen competitive areas including pistol, rifle, and shotgun as well as air gun and some quite specialized … Continue reading

Additional Gun Blogging at alanmurdock.wordpress.com

I’m kicking off a new site so Dynamite Utah can stay focused on Utah related stories – some gun oriented and others not. To start off I’ve added a long article on the future of the Smith & Wesson M&P in relation to its Glock competitor. Read more at

Developing a Handgun Curriculum

In January I’ll be taking the state-required class to become a Utah Concealed Carry permit instructor. After years of shooting and practicing accuracy from the basement BB gun range and back yard archery range I set up in 5th grade after proving I knew all the rules of firearm safety to concealed carry permits in … Continue reading

Ammo Land Reports the Dangers of Golf

So, that’s a bit of a misrepresentation, but the site does have an article showing that hunting with firearms results in less fatatlities and injuries than most other dangerous activities, such as driving a car or playing sports. See the chart below and visit their article. That’s great to know, it being the middle of … Continue reading

Utah Comedy

These four video clips poke light fun at Utah’s Feral Cat law, put in place early this year to reduce the number of predators of songbirds and game birds around the state. Read more about Utah’s Feral Cat law at Outdoor Life.