Give the Gift of Gun Safety

Cyber Monday special – extended all week through Saturday, December 3rd! With a group of two or more students receive a $25 discount each. Are you considering buying a pistol or revolver for Christmas? Does your boyfriend, girlfriend, parent or sibling own a gun and you want to understand how to maintain safety in the … Continue reading

Utah Businessman, Brent Warnock, Fills a Need

As you are thinking about holiday presents for your favorite businessperson or high-school or college student considering business as a field of study, pick up a copy of the latest book by Brent Warnock, “Fill a Need.” Brent is a local Utah businessman, speaker and writer who has started, run and successfully sold multiple businesses … Continue reading

First Shots Orientation

Photo caption: Visiting Provo Utah – moments before the snow. This week my wife and I hosted my mother-in-law and sister-in-law in Utah for four days. Denise, my wife’s sister, is a sign language translator and came to Utah to complete a certification exam held in Provo over the weekend. In four days we saw … Continue reading

Kids and Guns

Salt Lake City’s ABC 4 News ran a story this past week on the dangers of leaving out firearms where children might find them. In a play room decked out with cameras and one-way glass, specialists hid two disarmed Glock pistols and brought in a group of kids to play. Within minutes a girl had … Continue reading

Teaching Basic Pistol with the Ruger single-six

I like the Ruger single action revolver for teaching handgun safety. When I learned gun safety I started with a Daisy BB gun that had to be pumped several times for each shot. Later I moved up to a Marlin .22 bolt action rifle. The requirement of a manual action to reset the gun for … Continue reading

Hunting the High Utah Desert

This weekend I made it out to some Bureau of Land Management land to hunt some rabbits and hares. Around 20 miles west of Lehi, Utah is a recreation area called Five Mile Pass. The area is managed by the Bureau of Land Management for camping, hiking and offroading. Shooting is banned in the pass, … Continue reading

Gun Safety in Utah

Utah has some of the most liberal handgun laws in the United States. “Liberal” might not be a word often associated with gun-friendly states, but it is an apt description. Utah not only accepts an individual’s right to carry a handgun, the government has gone to a lot of effort to create reciprocity agreements with … Continue reading

Tridex Solutions Launches 1 Million Hectare Mapping Project in Gabon

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – April 13, 2011 – No machetes needed for this jungle survey. Thanks to technology developed at Utah State University, Tridex Solutions, a Salt Lake City-based company in the geomatics market, has begun a comprehensive 3D survey of the west central African country of Gabon. After a successful pilot project in … Continue reading

Thrive in the Beehive — on a budget

With food prices burning a hole in your wallet, you probably haven’t squirreled much cash into your secret mattress stash lately. Heck, you might have even plundered it for a few extra bucks here and there. If you love to eat local, healthy foods, you might feel tempted by the siren song of supermarket deals … Continue reading

“Nothing But Soap” rocks my (dirty) socks

One of my high school boyfriends called me his “Calamine Lotion Girl,” a nickname I earned by breaking out in a nasty rash after our first camping trip — and staying that way the entire summer until a doctor took the drastic measure of knocking out my immune system. I break out in weepy, oozy … Continue reading